Wednesday WIPs: Just Spinning !

It’s been a very long time since I’ve found myself with no knitting works in progress, I mean there’s absolutely nothing on my needles!  I am trying to figure out what I want to knit next, which  I know will be a cardigan and most likely another pair of socks but for now I simply cannot find any patterns that are just “grabbing” my attention, especially for cardigans.  Socks are pretty easy for me but cardigans and sweaters take me a while to decide on what I want to make. 

I’m looking for cozy right now without a lot of fluff, if that makes sense.  I really like the finished cardigan Amber just shared on her video podcast, A Lovely Yarn, which is the Georgetown cardigan by Hannah Fettig and while I’m contemplating this pattern for my next cast on, it has to be the right project for the yarn I want to use from my stash, which is Noro Akari.  I will keep looking today and decide, I mean really it shouldn’t be this hard!

Meanwhile,  I will work on my spinning, which really is the best WIP for me right now as I’m two plying my second bobbin and should start plying the third bobbin this weekend.

I really love the colors in this handspun and can’t wait to see the amount of yardage I get from all three bobbins once plied.  I am noticing that two-plying is giving me a heavy fingering to sport weight right now, which is what I was hoping for.

Later this week I share my finished Christmas socks, which I completed yesterday.  They definitely will be a fun pair to wear in December.

What are you working on today ?  

Any fun WIPs ?


  1. Picking a sweater pattern is tough. Finding one that fits my body shape and goes with the weather her in the desert is always a chore. I can not believe your needles are empty. At least you have you spinning to keep your hands busy until the perfect project come to you.

    1. I can totally get what your saying and it indeed is a chore! I know, unreal isn’t but I’m enjoying my spinning right now and find it’s a nice change of pace.