Throwback Thursday


Long Run Park - Louisville, Kentucky October 2005

Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.”  - Daniel Boone,

Yesterday morning was reminiscent of Kentucky.  Overcast skies and drizzling rain brought back a flood of fond memories.  I miss Kentucky.  I miss the green grass, the rolling hills, horses grazing, the gorgeous fall colors and the warmth of the people who live there.  I miss the “seasons”, especially Christmas and the ability to enjoy the things that I make and want to wear.

I am hopeful that some day we will be able to return to this state that I call home.  Meantime, I will cherish my memories and smile to myself when the sky brings back memories of my “Old Kentucky Home”.

Our neighborhood park - Buckeye AZ, September 2, 2021

Have a wonderful day !



  1. I do love the seasons we get in the Pacific Northwest but the sky is so big in Arizona, that is beautiful too.

    1. Arizona skies are by far the best, especially the sunrises and sunsets…. They can be magical.