Sock Knitting Love ❤️

I am loving my two new vanilla toe up sock projects. The Lang yarn I am using for my “fall socks” is awesome to knit with and I absolutely love the colors, so much so that I’m on the hunt for yarn that would be similar in colors that would be great for a sweater.  If you have any yarn brands that you can know of that is self-striping in a DK to worsted weight, please let me know.

I am also loving the look of my “Christmas socks”.  My husband told me this morning that they are going to look like elf socks and I think he may be right. They definitely will be fun to wear around Christmas time.

I am going through my stash of sock yarn and patterns to decide what I might want to knit next when these two pairs are done.  I really don’t need more socks, but I love making them and they are he perfect companion for work.

I came across this poem today while searching for something else and thought many sock knitters could relate, as it reminds me a bit of when we never making the matching mate.

by David L Harrison from The Alligator in the Closet

Have an amazing day, and until next time be creative!



  1. I haven't been making socks lately, but when I do, I love Opal sock yarn. It's self-striping and very sturdy.

    1. I love Opal and so agree, very sturdy yarn 😊