My Mother’s Artwork … Such Memories!

My Mom & Me, Nov. 2015

Something I haven’t shared too much about is my Mom.  I lost my Mom six years ago (three days before her 85 birthday) to a massive stroke.  I miss my Mom and miss sharing my creative endeavors with her.  I’m a lot like my Mom, somethings too much like her which often gets me in trouble.  My Mom and I though are so very much a like when it comes to creativity.  

For many years, she painted both in oils and acrylics, she knitted and crocheted, gardened, read constantly, dabbled in ceramics and china painting, and so much more.  She liked to learn and explore new things.  As she age though, she stopped doing many of the things she loved the most.  She had very bad arthritis in  her hands and was not able to hold a paint brush or crochet hook.  

When my Mom passed away, it was very hard on me and still is today. I don’t have a comrade in arms to explore new things with, to share my excitement of finished projects or art that I’m creating (I love pen and ink).  About a year after my Mom passed away, my Dad decided to remarry and asked that I come over to the house and take away all my Mom’s art work.  So I did.  

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with a few of her paintings as many were portraits or of people (she liked painting people from her issues of Victoria Magazine) in general.  She also painted quite a few landscapes and still life paintings. Yesterday I decided it was time to hang a couple of her painting up in our kitchen and found the perfect place for them.  This simple act makes me so very happy and I feel my Mom smiling down on me and saying thank you.

Still Life  in Oils - 1991

Sunflowers in Acrylic - 1996

I have a couple of landscapes that I want to frame and hang up on our living room walls too.  Seeing my Mom’s artwork bring back so many happy memories.



  1. Tina - those paintings are gorgeous. I'm so glad you're finding a place for them in your home. What a way to honor your mother!

  2. your mom has some talent! I lost my mom in 1998 and I still miss her!! You have some treasures to remind yourself about her.

    1. Thank you so much Karen. I’m so sorry you lost your mom too. I don’t think we ever get over missing our moms.

  3. Your mom sounds like a super fascinating and inspiring person to be around with - I'm sending you a big hug. No wonder that you miss her!

    The paintings are just ... WOW. The first one reminds me a bit of the Dutch grandmasters, it's probabl the dark colours and the still life with the food, but honestly? Really beautiful. The sunflowers are, too!

    1. She really was Julia and thank you so much for your kind comment about my Moms painting, that would have made her so happy 😊

  4. Hi
    Very nice you & your mom pic. Beautiful knitting work. I like nice blog post.