Is It Fall Yet ???


I did nothing but comfort my plants, till now their small green cheeks are covered with smiles. ~Emily Dickinson, 1865

It’s the winding down of summer temperatures that makes me so excited.  The mornings are noticeably cooler and I am quite delighted that I can sit out on our patio in the morning to enjoy my coffee, and even a bit of knitting.  This morning was shear joy and the anticipation of fall weather being just a month away makes me quite happy!  There is a difference in our Arizona sky too.  It’s bluer and starting to have that crisp look to it.  This time of year gets me itching to start growing things, and let’s face it, digging in the dirt is truly awesome therapy.

Today we popped into Home Depot and I came out with peppermint, rosemary, an Early Girl tomato and a Husky Red Cherry tomato.  In a few weeks I will be able to pick up more plants for my container gardening, which makes me so excited and so happy.

It looks quite bare, and I only have a single rosemary and lavender.  I’ve been very impressed they have survived the summer temperatures and that they both are starting to show new growth.

View from the entrance to our little container garden area.

This afternoon I decided to take a photo of each side of our white rock walkway and draw out a garden plan.  My drawing is not to scale, but you’ll get the idea.

I need to come up with something to use the lattice for too!

I plan to purchase another set of buckets to hang in between the ones shown on the right.
There is a space between each area that I can fit one large pot into as well.

I have been rearranging pots around our patio too, getting them ready for fall flowers and plants.  This year I plan to have Stock, Alyssum, Snap Dragons, Calendula and an Arabian Jasmine.  On the back wall in the two large pots, I am planting Enchincea and Anise Hyssop.  

The nurseries in our area are starting to get a lot of beautiful plants in and are bursting with color.  Even though I’m quite anxious to get started, it’s still a bit too warm for me to consider planting a few of them, especially since we do not have a lot of shade in the yard to give them a reprieve from the hot sun.  But soon, very soon, I will be able to plant things to my hearts content.

Until next time, be creative and enjoy life!


  1. I'm impressed with your galvanized bucket container garden.

  2. Thank you Laura Kate! Our buckets did a great job in the spring, so we are giving it a go again 😊

  3. That is such a cool idea and I love your plan about the garden! Wow. We have a balcony and therefore are quite limited what we want to grow, but herbs are always such a great idea (also for the insects!). Good luc with it all, I'd be happy to see updates!! :)

    1. My husband came up with the idea and it works great. Hopefully our herbs will do well this fall.