Sunday Musings: Finished !

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
― Maya Angelou

Another week has come and gone, and while I rather feel I didn’t accomplish as much as I had planned, I do have a couple of finishes for the week.  

From my little loom...

I finished my small woven wall hanging and I absolutely love how it turned out. It’s not perfect my no means and I still need to find something for it to hang on  ( such as a twig ), but all in all it turned out as I had hoped it would.  It was also awesome to be able to use my own handspun for this project as well as a silver piece I’ve had for a long time in my jewelry making supplies.

If you are looking for a small loom, I highly recommend the Schacht Easel Weaver.  This small loom comes in three sizes, a 6”, 8” and 10”.  I have the 10” and have been thinking about buying the other two sizes too.  My weaving project went fairly fast and was really fun.

From my knitting needles...

I have also finished my Oats cowl and now I have a complete knitted accessory set! 

Patterns Used:

Needle Size:  US size 9

This was a enjoyable project and one that kept my hands busy between calls this past week.  I used one full skein of my stash yarn, Fibra Natura Inca Tweed,  along with a small amount I had leftover from when I completed my Maize Mitts and Barley hat.  I know these designs are meant for beginner knitting, but I found the simplistic design very soothing and perfect for the yarn I used.

On my rigid heddle loom...

I am plugging along with my first cotton dish towel.  I had a bumpy start and had lots of mistakes but as my friend Lara pointed out, “it’s design features” and I’m going with that 😊  

I have quite a bit of cotton yarn in my stash for practicing and I purchased a few more colors in Lily Sugar and Cream yesterday.  I can’t wait to get this practice piece finished so that I can warp a new towel and start over with hopefully no mistakes (fingers crossed).  

Like knitting and spinning, I am finding weaving quite soothing and peaceful.  I am truly looking forward to getting better acquainted with my loom and learn new things.  I have found several great sources online for learning, one being Liz Gipson’s Yarnworker School of Weaving.  Liz has an online class for colorwork that I am really considering because it will help me get to the next step in weaving.
This course focuses on the know-how it takes to manage multiple colors in warp and weft. It is jam- packed with useful information that will help you design, warp, and weave with confidence. ~ Liz Gibson, Yarnworker School

So nothing much going on in the way of the fiberarts.  I am planning my spinning projects for the week and trying to finish up my scarf that is being knitted in gradient colors.  My scarf seems like a forever knitting WIP, but it is simple and rather mindless knitting.


My husband and I ventured out to a few stores yesterday, and while it was nice to go somewhere other than the grocery store I didn’t find it very fun.  

I went into Hobby Lobby, Joanns and Tuesday Morning for specific items and found what I wanted, but didn’t see anything else that just had to fall into my shopping cart.  I found my shopping rather interesting as I didn’t spend money for the sake of spending but for what I went in for, cotton yarn for weaving (making handwoven kitchen towels) and a small tray for one of our bedroom tables.  This means I am learning to use what I have and not buy more than I can use, well with the exception of fiber for spinning as I am still hoarding that.

The atmosphere in the stores was so odd and rather depressing.  No one looked happy.  There was no talking, no laughter and not even a smile.  It was just just weird.

I will be so happy with things get back to being normal !!!

Until next time, be creative.

It’s a Catch Up Kind of Day

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

This has been a busy week for me and one that has gone by like the speed of light.  I will confess not much happened this week in the way of being creative, but I have managed a little knitting and a smidgen of weaving.

On my needles ....  

I work from home and while I am on the phone servicing the associates for the company I work for, I like to keep my hands busy with knitting.  For this type of knitting I choose “mindless knitting projects”,  which means very simple knitting that doesn’t take much thought.

This weeks knitting project has been Oats by Tin Can Knits in the last of my stash of Fibra Natura Inca Tweed in Navy.  I know this is a very “beginners kind of project” but again, for knitting on the job I like things that don’t require much effort but keep my hands busy.   Once this cowl is complete I will have a set of knitted goodness to wear as I have already made the matching mitts and hat.

On my little loom ...

I have slightly paused on my little loom weaving project but plan to finish it up over the weekend or even next week.  I am adding a cross design in the middle using my handspun undyed Falkland.  Using my own handspun for this project has been so rewarding and it really is perfect for weaving!

I really like this little loom by Schacht and plan to use it for more small projects, woven art and wall hangings.   With this is in mind,  I am very excited that Rebecca Mezoff has a book coming out this year, “ The Art of Tapestry Weaving: A Complete Guide to Mastering the Techniques For Making Imagines with Yarn.” I love Rebecca’s style of weaving.  She is so creative and her tiny woven pieces are pure works of art. Another artist that I admire in the weaving world is Sarah Swett.  Sarah’s pieces are absolutely gorgeous and her weaving truly inspiring.  If you don’t know who these two weavers are, check out their websites (names are directly linked to their sites).

On my larger loom ....

I brought out my Schacht Flip Loom that I purchased last year and haven’t really used since I bought it.  Honestly I think it was because I was slightly intimidated by weaving but have since over come that fear.  I warped the loom yesterday with Peaches and Cream cotton yarn in white and lime.  I am attempting my first go at making a towel.

I already have noticed that I may have used the incorrect dent size but again this is a learning project and a learning experience.  The main part of this project is to have fun and to enjoy what I’m doing, and at the same time learn how to weave properly.

Upcoming adventures ...

This coming week I am planning a trip to my favorite LYS in Prescott, Fiber Creek,  (here in Arizona about an 1 1/2 hour drive from my home).  I am so excited as they are re-opening for business and I can’t wait to pop in and pick up a few items for my weaving endeavors.

The last two months have been rather challenging, and while I am mostly a home body, I do enjoy (and miss) certain things such as antiquing, dining out and road trips.   We (hubby and I) are on vacation this coming week and we are so stoked about the ability to take a few roads trips around our beautiful state of Arizona.  We both have major cabin fever and with our state re-opening over this weekend through next week, we are super excited to be able to get out and do more things than yard work.

Until next time, be creative!

To the Frog Pond and Weaving Adventures

So I casted on the Rollin Beret , design by Woolly Wormhead, using my handspun I finished December of 2018, October House in the color Apres. Yesterday it was frogged .... basically I ran out of yarn but also, the hat was huge!  With that being said, I have re-caked my handspun and will use it for a different hat design that is less slouchy.  I know I have enough yardage for something simple so I will see what patterns I have that might work better.

On another note ....  I brought out my Schacht Easel Weaver and warped it up with cotton.  I am making a simple mat using my own handspun.  

For this project I am using my Shetland handspun that I finished last August and my Falkland handspun I finished last July.  I knew both of these would be destined for weaving, so I decided this week was the perfect time to make something with a simple design and that wouldn’t be too stressful to weave.

Once this project is finished, I am going to warp up my Schacht Flip loom and make cotton dish towels.  I am excited about weaving and feel this will be another wonderful way to use my handspun.  After all you can only make so many accessory pieces, socks and sweaters, and with weaving, the sky’s the limit with possibilities!

Until next time, be creative!

Sunday Musings: Deep Stash Diving and a New Cast On

I started my spinning adventures in 2010 (wow, 10 years have already passed !!) with my very first wheel, a vintage single treadle Ashford Traditional.  I learned a lot about spinning that year and decided to purchase an Ashford Kiwi (back when Ashford still out the Kiwi on the treadle) double treadle to allow me to continue my spinning adventures.  This wheel got a lot of use, as well as her sister the Kiwi 2 that a purchased a year later.

During this time I belonged to quite a few Ravelry Groups that were focused on spinning or wool.  One such group was Tour De Fleece.  This was a very fun group, filled will competitive spinning, as well as relaxed spinning, comoradery and just plain fun.  The goal was to spin as much as you could during Tour De France.  I spun a lot during this time and still have handspun from these yearly events I haven’t used.

During this time I discovered an Indy Dyer that I fell in love with, Funky Carolina. During one Tour De Fleece, I purchased three braids of Funky Carolina in the color S’mores.  I finished one braid but the other two were packed away and kind of forgotten until recently.

387 yards of 2 plied handspun

I want to be able to use my handspun for a short cardigan and found what I think will be the perfect design to show off my handspun and I plan to knit it up  in different colors that I have had in my basket for too long.  If I can achieve roughly the same yardage as I did a few years ago for the above finished handspun, it will give me the additional yardage I need for the design I want to knit (shown below).

Side to Side Shrug by Cheryl Beckerich
(Free pattern found on the Cascade Yarns website)

Photo courtesy of Cascade Yarns

The Funky Carolina braids are very compact so I will start pre-drafting them to get them ready for spinning.  I am hoping to to start spinning up this fiber in a course of a week or so, but due to other spinning projects n line, it might get delayed a bit. 

On another note... 

while I wait to start spinning my Shetland wool for my Sheep Heid hat, I decided to cast on the Rollin Beret , design by Woolly Wormhead, using my handspun I finished December of 2018, October House in the color Apres.  I originally thought that  Molly by Erin Ruth would be a great pattern for this yarn but after looking around for something more simple, I decided on the Rollin Beret.

Today I am looking forward to casting on this project today and relax with something simple to knit (rather mindless knitting in a way).  I also plan to prepare my Shetland wool for spinning and hope to start this intentional spinning project later this week.

Until next time, be creative!

A Finished Project: Handspun in Rose Petals

Sometimes my spinning goes the way I hope and want it to go, and other times it doesn’t.  My recent finish definitely went they way I hoped it would and I absolutely love one it turned out!

I purchased these two braids of BFL/Nylon blend (4oz each) from Created By Elsie B last year.  This fiber was so soft and a true dream to spin.  The color is called Rose Petals, and my goal was at least 200 yards of heavy worsted weight to light bulky.

I pre-drafted the fiber to open it up to allow me to spin the colors out in longer motions. Kind of a “fractal” spinning method of sorts.

It really spun up nicely and I didn’t seem to over spin it, which I am guilty of doing more times than not and usually have a lot of over twist.   The colors started to really come out through spinning and it truly looked like I was spinning a bowl of rose petals. 

For the finish I decided to two ply and I am quite happy with my decision as the finished spin turned out just as I hoped it would.

I am also happy I decided to spin this on my Kiwi using my bulky flyer.  I managed to get all yarn plied onto one bobbin, which ended up at its fullest capacity.

I used an antique yarn winder to skein it up, which took me almost an hour to do because the winder is not in the best of shape and there were a couple of challenges while skeining.

The end result was 214 yards of squishy soft heavy worsted weight handspun that I absolutely love!  The colors are gorgeous and I can wait to use this finished handspun for a hat and possibly a pair of matching mitts.

Now to decide what to start spinning next and how I want to spin it.  I am still working on one spinning project that will be finished this weekend. So, I am thinking it’s a good time to start spinning my recently acquired Shetland wool for my Sheep Heid hat.

Until next time, be creative!

Hello May ...

I simply cannot believe it’s already he month of May!

Time seems to have sped up and months are moving along quicker and quicker.  Why is it when we are young time seems to drag but as we get older times seems to pass us by quickly?

Today I am sharing a small watercolor I created a couple of years ago and a favorite quote .  Sometimes I find my myself too focused on one thing, like spinning wool for example.  When I get too focused I forget all the other creative outlets that I love, like drawing.

I do miss drawing, especially with pen and ink with a touch of watercolor.  I think today is a great day to get my paper, pen and watercolor pencils back out.

Have a wonderful day, and happy May 1st!