Time For Ink!

Sometimes when I see certain things that grab me, I have to dig out my pens.  A few days ago while taking Cody for his walk I took this photo of a neighbor’s front yard. Not only is it a pretty landscape that has given me ideas for our front yard, but the main reason I took the photo was I thought it would be perfect for pen and ink.

I sketched out the scene and I have started inking ....

A little more progress...

I am going to take my time so I don’t mess it up, but so far I’m loving it.  I think once I’ve finished the inking, I will add a splash of color here and there.

On a side note, our Lady Banks rose is in full bloom and has such a soft sweet smell.  I love this rose and wish it bloomed more than once a year.

Until next time, be creative.

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