Spinning Update.... A Finished Spin Project

Yesterday I spent my morning before work finishing up my lovely Targhee blend.  I plan to chain ply over the weekend and can’t wait to see my finished yarn.

What made this spin even more fun was listening to Episodes 5 of the Modern Wool Podcast by Abundant Earth Fiber, The Secrets of Josef & Anni.  This episode was all about Targhee and was very insightful.  If you haven’t checked out The Modern Wool Podcast, I highly suggest taking a listen.

I am loving my new spinning project, my lovely hand carded wool by my friend Lara ( mentioned here ).  I want to spin this beautiful yarn for a pair of fingerless mitts and plan to spin as fine as possible.  Fingers crossed I will be able to achieve my spinning goal.

I brought out my lovey Ashford Traditional for this project 

There’s something so special about spinning on my very first wheel.  She still spins like a dream!

Until next time, be creative!

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