Friday WIPs .... Socks

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving shared with your family and friends.  We enjoyed our day with my Dad, who came over for dinner.  Quiet and not very fussy, just the way I like it.  After my Dad left, hubby and I settled into our chairs to catch up with friends online.

While catching up, I decided to catch up on a few favorite blogs as well.  One post that visually inspired me was from Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits. Her post was sharing her love of sock knitting, being a creature of habit ( repeating favorite sock patterns) and how knitting has been meditative, helping her through “rough patches”.  

In many ways I can relate to Julie’s  post.  I too am a creature of habit, not only with patterns but yarns too.  I have been known to knit several pairs of Weasley Homesteads, Socks on A PlaneBy The Seine River and Duckies. I gravitate towards Opal and Patons sock yarn, and typically use two 16” circular needles. On occasion I use DPNs too!  

I am still working on my Jeck socks and I have casted on a new sock with a cable running down the side, kind of a cuff down version of Socks On A Plane.  I really need to branch out and make different patterns !

In other creative outlets, I have been doing a little sewing and have made two knitting bags using Harry Potter themed fabric.  I used a super easy pattern by Indigo Bird Design called Adele.  These bags were super fun to make and I am hoping that the recipient will like them.

Until next time... be creative!

Friday Finished Objects

I am so excited to share that I finally finished my handspun Nurmilintu!!  I started this project back in August ( original post here ) and finished it yesterday.  I love it and I am so excited that I used almost all my handspun (only a tiny bit left).

For this project...

Fiber:  Hello Yarn
Color:  Hummingbird
Yardage:  415 yards 

Due to yardage, I was only able to complete 5 repeats of the design, and only two lace repeats at the end.  My only pattern modification was the lace design, which I worked in stockinette and I am so glad I did. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I also finished my small Snowman quilt and I absolutely adore it!!  I used all batik fabrics for this project and it was completely hand sewn and hand appliqued.

This pattern is a free download on Pat Sloans blog and is super easy to make, even for a novice like me!

Until next time, be creative!

Sunday Catch Up

Sundays are always a great day for me to take stock of projects and decide what to get finished first, what might need to be frogged and what might be considered for the future.  I have not been too busy with knitting and as mentioned in early posts I have taken a bit of a break to pursue other creative adventures.

Today though, I wanted to share what I have finished, what I’m still working on and what I am thinking about making in the future.

Off the Needles..
I recently finished my Happy Harvest Poncho  and  while I loved knitting it, as well as the design, I am not quite sure if I like how it looks on me.   I used Berroco Ultra Wool Chunky  and really enjoyed knitting with this yarn.  It really gives great stitch definition and blocks out great.

On the Needles...
Now I am working on my Nurmilintu handspun shawl, hitch I LOVE and hope to be finished with it soon!

I started this shawl several months ago and kept putting it aside.  I love how it is starting to look and the colors of my handspun is so yummy.... very southwestern too!

Also on my needles is a pair of Jeck socks in Mani Pedi by Lion Brand Yarn.  I have finished one sock and just cast on the mate.  I will be using the Afterthought Heel for this pair and hope to have them finished over the next week or so.

Thoughts of Projects To Come ...
I am not sure what I will cast on next after these two projects are finished.  I do know I will have at least another sock project and maybe it’s time for something in crochet!

For socks I am thinking about these patterns:
  • Dionysus Socks by Abby Frelich
  • Fawkes by Money Toes
  • By The Seine River by Dona Knits

For crochet I am thinking about these patterns:
  • Fronds Shawl by Joanne Scarce
  • Light From Within by CJ Brady
  • Happiness Blooms From Within by CJ Brady
  • V-Stitch Vortex by Susan Sands
I also have two spinning projects going on as well and hope to find the time to fill my bobbins, ply and skein!  

Until next time, be creative !

A Basket Full of New Adventures

So for the record, I do still knit and spin wool, but I am branching out to other creative outlets as well. Imhave to be honest that I am slightly burned out with knitting at the moment and after 25 years of knitting, it’s time for a change up.  My knitting will continue, but as smaller projects, such as socks and accessories.  I will still spin but have decided to stop buying so much wool as I feel like I am now a “hoarder of fiber”.  I need a new creative outlet and I am rediscovering my love of embroidery and sewing.

Inside this basket is six new projects that I am very excited about and want to share with all of you today.

I have truly been enjoying hand embroidery and just purchased three beautiful pieces by Clementine Pattern Co.  I hope to start the one on the far left soon as it ready is  fall/Thanksgiving design and then I will start the Christmas one on the right.  If you haven’t seen these designs, be sure to check out their Etsy shop.  They carry PDF and kits.

Inside the Autumn issue of Simply Vintage is a table runner that plan to make using the lovely felted well below.  I purchased this wool from Ruby Mountain Dye Works , who carries a lovely collection of felted and dyed wool for wool appliqué projects.

I picked up two kits, a felt project by Buttermilk Basin and a small quilt project by Primitive Gatherings.

I also have plans of learning punch needles so I can make a few of Michelle Palmers designs for the holidays.  Isn’t this Snowman adorable!!!

Courtesy of Michelle Palmer Designs

Until next time, be creative!

It’s About Gathering and Slow Stitching

I have started my Stitch Your Stash class and can already say this class is awesome !  I love the layout and how Charlotte presents each section.   One section that really got my attention, and made me think about what I already have is Build Your Stash .  In this section Charlotte explores how to build your stash through repurposing, such as using wool garments for felting, using vintage linens and more.  Building a stash is the best part of this creative endeavor and one I can easily do.

I have been a collector of vintage linens for many years and it’s very hard for me to pass them up when hubby and I are out antiquing. This past weekend I found this beautiful hinged vintage tin (made in Holland) that I decided would be perfect for one of the projects in this class, a sewing kit.  I also found a few other pieces to add to my stash, the lovely yellow finger towel and a appliquéd  piece that I tend to repurpose.  

For a bit of slow stitching, I picked up two denim pieces, a vest and a jacket., and plan to try my hand at Sashiko as a decorative addition too these very plain Jane pieces.  I haven’t really tried this form of stitching, so I  have enrolled in the Creativebug online class taught by Lisa Solomon.  I have been rather enthralled with Sashiko, as well as many slow stitching techniques that I have been seeing online lately, and have been enjoying reading  Mending Matters by Katrina Rodabaugh, as well as Make & Mend by Jessica Marquez .  Both books are excellent, and  a wealth of inspiration. I am very excited about trying Sashiko and can’t wait to try it!

And of course for hand-sewing I simply adore The Geometry of Hand-Sewing by Natalie Chanin. This book I has been a wonderful addition to my library of hand embroidery books, and is full of great ideas, as well as a variety of stitch patterns.

Do you enjoy slow stitching?  How about stashing items that mean a lot to you ?

Until next time, be creative!

Stitching - A Whole New Creative Level For Me

I am so excited to start my online class with Charlotte Lyons tomorrow!  Stitch Your Stash is being offered by a favorite site,  Jeanne Oliver  ( providing unique online art classes), and is truly going to take my stitching endeavors to a whole new level.  I am so intrigued and inspired by many artists, such as Nicki Franklin of The Stichery, Caroline Zoob, Jennifer Jansen of Handcraeft and Karen Stevens.

Courtesy of
Techniques Taught in this Course  -How to reclaim fabric from a garment or repurpose a sentimental bit -How to felt wool in the washer and dryer -Ways to design your own decorative motifs -How to create a folk art pillow with felt appliqué-How to use different textiles and values to build a monochromatic collage -How to carve a stamp and print your own fabric-How to use simple stitch techniques to add dimension to your work-How to build a portable sewing box-Pattern making-Textile design-Slow stitching-Stamp carving and printing-Kantha stitching-Embroidery-Stitching-Applique-Creating folk art imagery-Transferring design elements to fabric-Making wool felt-Making a wool tassel-Upcycling fabrics-How to use color value to balance design-Training your creative eye-Deconstructing clothing to upcycle-Collecting fabrics to repurpose-Building a portable sewing kit-Fabric assemblage and stitching-Constructing a pillow and sachet-Constructing a fabric wallet-Printing your own fabric design-Making an embroidered buttonhole-Finding inspiration in textiles-Repurposing found textiles-Making fabric yoyo’s

I have purchased all my supplies for this class and have looked through my vintage linens for ideas, inspiration and possible use, and believe that I have everything I need to get started.  This class is truly going to be loads of fun!

I really believe this class is going to open up a whole new world of stitching creativity.  I am so excited about making my own stamps to create my own stamped fabric designs, to learn how to incorporate vintage linens into my hand embroidered pieces and hand sewn quilts, not to mention learning to become better at using my cherished vintage sewing machines to sew my creations together.

Until next time, be creative!

A Finished Project!

I am so excited about finishing up my fall leaf embroidery project !!  I decided to make this my own by creating a sampler piece.

For this piece I used the following stitches found in my A-Z of Embroidery Stitches book and Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials.

  • Arrowhead Stitch
  • Back Stitch
  • Chain Stitch
  • Chevron Stitch
  • Double Blank Stitch
  • Fly Stitch 
  • French Knots
  • Rice Stitch
  • Running Stitch
  • Satin Stitch 
  • Stem Stitch

Now to decide to keep in a hoop or frame.

I am planning another fall embroidery project and think it will be a variety of leaves, a fun pattern I found on Urban Threads.  But I also like this one too, as well as this one.  Maybe I should do all three!!

Until next time be creative!

Road Trip Finds and Wovember Day 3

This week my hubby and I enjoyed our state.  We spent a few days in Greer at the Greer Lodge.   We enjoyed our time, but left early due to family.  It was truly beautiful in Greer, with gorgeous blue skies and crisp clean air.  It felt wonderful to be out of the city and to be able to soak in the peace of the mountains.

It was freezing cold with the wind chill and I was so happy I took my newly finished wool sweater. This sweater is a top down raglan that I designed on my down.  I used Patons Classic Wool in Gray Marl and I absolutely love it, and it fits like a dream!  I started my sweater in September and finished it towards the last part of October.

On Thursday we took a drive to Prescott. It was truly a beautiful day and I was able to visit two of my  favorite yarn shops, Fiber Creek and Isabelle’s  Parlour in Wickenburg.

From Fiber Creek, I can home with a gorgeous braid of panda mix fiber by Sweet Georgia, Acadia Yarn by the Fiber Co., a beautiful skein of Less Traveled Yarn, Uneek Sock Yarn  and a Schacht boat shuttle for my Schacht Flip Loom. From Isabelle’s  Parlour, I can home with a beautiful skein of Dream in Color Yarn, a Schacht Zoom Loom and three colors of beautiful  Silk Yarn by DanDoh.

For the Acadia Yarn I am planning a hat with matching mitts.  For the Dream in Color and Yarn Less Traveled, I am planning shawls.  For the Silk Yarn, I am planning to use my new Zoom Loom to make a wrap, or scarf.

Lots of plans for knitting, as well as a bit of weaving, and of course I will be spinning too!


Jupiterimages/ Images

November 3 - Not Just Yarn 

Wool is not used just for yarn but for bedding (mattress pads and even mattresss), dryer balls (naturally softens your clothes), carpets, insulating jackets for outerwear, used as a flame retardant fabric for firefighters uniforms, and even as insulation for homes. Wool is also biodegradable and breaks down slowly, fertilizing plants with a generous nitrogen content (17 percent compared with the 6 percent nitrogen in commercial turf products - Discover Magazine October 2015).   Here’s a great blog post that lists the many uses of wool as well.
We can thank wool for a different kind of explosion — one we actually want. Inside most baseballs, including those used in Major League Baseball, you’ll find layers of tightly wound wool yarn: Each ball contains about 370 yards of the wool windings, which provide resilience to withstand the crushing impact of a batter’s hit off high-velocity pitches. Discover Magazine October 2015 
Another use for wool, a wonderful pressing mat for quilters, and sewists !  I purchased this mat last week and I’m so excited about it, and can’t wait to use it.  You can purchase online at the Fat Quarter Shop, as well as online from many other sources.  I actually got mine from my local fabric store, 35th Ave Fabric World Sew & Vac.  These mats come in a variety of sizes and I may have to get the 17” size too!
The 13.5” x 13.5” Wool Pressing Mat absorbs heat, pressing both sides of fabric at the same time! The large size makes it perfect to press appliqued, embroidered and pieced blocks. - Fat Quarter Shop 

So many wonderful reasons to love wool and all the more reason to support our local farms, shepherds and shepherdesses.

Until next time m be creative!


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I decided to join #wovember on Instagram this month to share my love of wool.  I am a day behind, so catching up today!

November 1st - Why wool?
For me wool is the most versatile fiber.  You can spin it, felt it, embroider with it, weave with it, crochet and knit with it.  It’s a natural fiber that breathes, is moisture wicking, odor resistant and provides warmth.  When taken care of properly, wool garments can last for ages.

November 2nd -  Sheep

Since I do do have sheep, I will share my favorite breed I love to use for spinning.  I am partial to BFL (Blue Face Leicester).  Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) is buttery soft and perfect for new spinners as it drafts beautifully and spins up like a dream.  It is perfect for next to the skin garments, such as socks, scarves, mitts, hats and sweaters.  My fiber stash contains quite a bit of BFL and BFL silk blends.  I personally love spinning this fiber and have also achieved exactly the weight I want when spinning.

Last year I participated in a breed study and spun up this lovely 1 oz of BFL. You can read more about it here and see the finished skein here.

I am still working on my lovely BFL from stash too and hope to finish it up this weekend !  I am planning a cowl with this wool, or maybe a hat.  In the end it will depend upon the yardage I achieve, if I chain ply vs. plying from a center pull for two ply,  and the weight of the yarn.

I love spinning but have been in a major funk lately and this wonderful prompt for November has gotten me out of it.

Do you love wool ?

Until next time, be creative!

Hello November!

I personally cannot believe it’s already November and that a brand new year is just around the corner.  I have so many WIPs to get finished too.  

So let’s get started with what’s on my needles today.... you can also take a peek on this post back in September.

I am also working on a Waxing Moon Cross Stitch project called Eat,Drink and be Scary

And an embroidery design that I found on a crafting site that I feel is a slight knock off to a design from Urban Threads.  I have decided to make this my own and plan to create a stitch sampler leaf using Valdani Threads.

So I am very busy and to top it off, I am planning a small Christmas quilt, a bit of weaving and spinning.  Now to find the time!!

Until next time, be creative!