A Finished Hat!

I love knitting with my handspun yarn and I am so excited that I have finished my handspun Photographer Hat, a free pattern download by Lavanya Patricella.  This pattern is super easy to follow and well written, just like all of Lavanya’s patterns, and to me perfect for handspun.

This pattern calls for 150 to 160 yards of worsted weight, and quite honestly I was worried I would not be able to finish this hat as I used the entire finished skein of my Northbound Knitting handspun a few rows above the ribbbing.  

After going through all my finished skeins of handspun, I decided that my finished skein of Quillin Fiberarts would work nicely for the top and that the color would compliment the bottom of the hat.

For this project I used my own handspun....

  • Quillin Fiberarts spinning project finished in July - read post here
  • NBK spinning project also finished in July - read prepping post here , spinning post here and the completed skein post here
So I used all 100 yards of my NBK Blue Faced Leicester skein and about 50 yards of my Quillin Fiberarts skein.  I plan to use the rest of my Quillin Fiberarts for Mitts and pair it up with another skein of handspun in my stash.

Do you knit with your own handspun?  If yes, what is your favorite project to use it for?

Until next time, be creative!

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