Life After Ravelry

I would not be telling the entire truth if I said I don’t miss Ravelry.  So, yes I do miss
Ravelry.   I miss the sharing, the project pages, the ease of finding patterns, the groups and more. But that is now in the past and I have moved on and discovered there is life after Ravelry.  

For me personally,  I find myself returning to reading blogs for inspiration, following new people on Instagram and Facebook for fresh ideas and finding new sources for pattern purchases, which by the way, there are many places where patterns can be purchased. 

So, after nearly two months later, here’s what I have discovered.... ( original post of ideas found here)

Ravelry has been the “go to” place for patterns that has offered their members the ease of searching for just the right design, the ease of storage and the ease of seeing project pages for notes, ideas and more.  They have “capitalized” the market but there are other places that patterns can be purchased.  Now I know many of you are saying...”but what about the ease of storage?”.  Well let’s face it, we buy PDFs, which can be stored in various ways such as iBooks, GoodReader, Dropbox, Knit Companion and more.  

So with that being said, here’s a few new, and not so new, pattern sources I have found.

Patternvine - Patternvine is owned by Flying Spoon Fibers LLC.  Ladianne Henderson and Sheri Osborne started Flying Spoon Fibers as a parent company for their yarn shop, Cheers To Ewe.  PatternVine is a place for crafters to find inspiration, to share projects, and to explore the world of crafting and making, and they also support independent designers. You will find patterns not only for knitting and crochet, but also for embroidery, sewing and weaving

LoveCrafts - I mentioned LoveCrafts in an earlier post, but I love that they not only  encompass knitting and crochet, but embroidery, crossstitch and sewingtoo.   They also have the ability for you, the maker, to set up your on page to post finished projects and more.  You can also follow your favorite designers and crafting friends.  Not only can you purchase patterns but yarn too! It’s worth a look.

Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) -  I find the Bluprint site to be a bit cumbersome to navigate but once you figure out it’s a snap.  You can find knitting patterns, crochet patterns, sewing patterns and more.  You can purchase yarn, online classes, and create project pages.

Etsy - Etsy has been around for a very long time and many of our favorite designers still have their shops there for downloadable patterns.  So, if your are looking for knitting or crochet patterns, check them out.  As you know too, you can also find Indy dyed yarns and fiber, as well as notions and accessories.  

One final note, go to the source!  Many of our favorite designers sell PDF, and paper, patterns directly on their websites.  One example is Carol Feller of Stolen Stitches, where you can find all her patterns and yarn too!

As I continue to explore and find new pattern sources, I will be sure to share them with you.  If you, the reader, have stumbled across an awesome pattern source, please let me know about as I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, be creative!

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