A finished skein and Prepping

Have you ever spun fiber that you wish you had purchased more of because it’s the most wonderful thing n the world spin?  That just happened to me, but honestly at the time of purchase it was the non braid available from one of my favorite dyers. Last month I started spinning a scrumptious blend of merino, yak and silk that has turned into the most beautiful skein of handspun.

This ....

Turned into this...

I end up with 100.72 yards of chain plied sport weight yarn that is squishy soft and I can’t wait to to knit with it!  My goal was 200 yards, which I am way off, but nevertheless it will be perfect to use alone or mixed with my finished skein  of Cheviot in Owls. I don’t have a particular pattern in mind quite yet, but if I choose to use this as a single skein project, I will make a pair Brazeau Mitts , which was designed with handspun in mind.

Wednesday, I started prepping a lovely dyed braid of NBK n 100% BFL I purchased from a fellow spinner.  I love the colors, which really remind me of Halloween.

I have separated the four colors in this braid to spin as individual stand alone colors.  I predrafted and now have basket of “fiber fluff” ready to spin!  I have know idea how this will turn out, but I am excited about seeing the final product.  

I have started Spinning and just finished the purple.  This color is such an inky blue purple, I love it!  The next color will be the one on the right pictured above, which is a light purplish brown.   

Until next time, be creative!

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