Wednesday Spinning and A Slight Catch Up

I am so excited to have a week off with my hubby and to be able to spend it up in the cooler elevations of Arizona.  Hubby likes to fish, so while he gets to enjoy fishing, I get to enjoy crafting.  I had a hard time deciding what to bring along with me but decided to bring my Schacht Sidekick, three braids of Funky Carolina BFL, my handspun knitting project, art supplies and crossstitch.  Yes, I went a little overboard but I just couldn’t decide and I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like as I wanted to spend time on the deck.

We arrived late Monday, so I didn’t get started on too much yesterday .  I decided to start The Quilting Bee by the Blue Flower and think this is going to be beautiful when finished.

I am so happy I brought my Sidekick with me as the weather has been gorgeous and perfect for spinning out on the deck!

Color: Egg Hunt

Yesterday afternoon hubby, Cody (our fur baby) and I went to Woodland Lake Park and enjoyed a nice walk around the lake.  I took my camera and took a few photos, especially of the birds that were 
in the area.

We are enjoying our time back in the mountains and hoping to some day return full time. Life is good  in the mountains, bringing much needed rest,  relaxation and peace.

Until next time, be creative!

A Finished Project!!!

I just finished and blocked my crocheted handspun shawl, and I have to say that I absolutely love it!!

Hand-spun details:  Malabrigo merino wool in the color Zarzamora 404 yards two ply that I finished spinning sometime earlier this year.  

Pattern:   A free pattern designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn from Kelbourne Woolens called  Asticou Terrace.  I added the lace border, a pattern I found here called “block edging”.  It’s a super easy stitch pattern and the perfect compliment to my shawl.

I love using my own handspun for projects and plan to continue using more of my finished skeins for shawls, scarves, hats and mitts.

Until next time, be creative!

So, this happened....

Weaving is a work of mindfulness, of taking time to give attention to the details that will contribute to the woven piece’s unity.      Anonymous

So when you are a fiberarts enthusiast who crochets, knit sand spins, the next most logical step is weaving.  For me personally weaving has been the last missing piece in my crafting life and truly the next step needed to be fully rounded in the fiberarts.

About a month ago when visiting my favorite go to yarn shop, Fiber Creek, I decided to take the plunge and ordered a 30” Schacht Flip Loom and stand.  I decided on this particular loom after much research, talking with friends who weave and talking to Carma, the shop owner.  I wanted something that I could weave fabric on but that was still easy to manage.  I also wanted something that could be portable, which this loom offers.


Flip, our folding rigid heddle loom, is comfortable, compact, sturdy, and a pleasure to weave on. Designed for high performance, this loom folds in a jiffy for storage or transport.  Weave in comfort. Choose three different weaving modes: use the rear leg for hooking to a table edge, clamp it to a table for stand-up weaving, or install it on our convenient trestle stand. Warp in a flash. With the Flip Bag, you can easily take Flip along with you. - Schacht Website 

I picked up my loom last weekend and I’m so excited about weaving!!!  I have warped my loom with a lovely silk/linen blend yarn by Juniper Moon Farms called Pollock in the colorway Grayed Rainbow and have started a scarf.

I have placed my loom in our sitting room, where all my wheels are located and where I spin.  It’s larger than I anticipated put when I’m not weaving I can gently slide it back into the corner to provide a little extra room.

There are so many new things to learn about weaving and so man techniques.  I wanted to start with something simple, so a scarf seemed the way to go.  I am learning how to keep my edges smooth and not to weave too tight.  This is slow going but I want to learn and not to be in a rush about it, after there’s not a race going on.  The only challenge is consistency, but like anything new you learn, it takes time, patience and perseverance.

I decided to use bamboo mats for winding the warp, which was a suggestion in a book I own called Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom by Syne Mitchell.  It really is a good tip and I like the mats much better than paper as it seems to hold the warp more evenly.  After this project has been completed, I plan to make a set of kitchen towels in vibrant southwest colors.  

So, have any of you gone down the path of weaving?

Until next time, be creative!

Sunday Musings: Time To Catch Up !

I took a week off from social media not only to contemplate my crafting life but to take a break from the negativity due to the recent chain of events in the fiber community.  During my break, I decided to change my name (to those of you who have followed me for a while, thank you for your patience) and feel this suites me much better. 

The definition of "wonder" or "wondering is characterized by or expressive of a desire to know something, to be curious or to be expressive of admiration and amazement

So why the name change?  Well, it's quite simple.   It is derived from a story my mom told me. My great-grandfather called her “wonder” and told her she had curious mind. I’m just like her, I am curious and want to learn new things and be expressive.  I am beginning to concentrate more on art,  photography and other creative outlets, such as weaving and embroidery.  I love to share what I enjoy, and as a multi-crafter I tend to dabble in different forms of arts and crafts, but I always come back to two main loves, the fiberarts and drawing (pen and ink).

Today I am sharing what I have been up too over the past week .....

I am spinning a cheerful braid of 100% Shetland gifted to me by my dear friend Lara.  I am spinning this fiber on my original Ashford Kiwi using my jumbo flyer.  This is going to be another bulky skein (I seem to be on a bulky spinning kick lately).

I have also been drawing and started a bird using a .01 Copic Multi-Liner pen on Strathmore Mixed Media 400 Series.  I am thinking about doing a set of birds, but will decide once this one is finished.

Close Up of the wing

I am also working on a crocheted shawl using my own handspun, which was spun from my stash of Malabrigo in the color Zarzamora.  

I recently shard I was using this handspun for a knitted shawl but was not too excited about it and decided to make a crocheted shawl instead.  I am using a lovely free pattern designed by Kate Gagnon Osborn from Kelbourne Woolens called  Asticou Terrace.  This has been quite a soothing crochet project and I can't wait to see how it looks all finished and blocked out.

Until next time, be creative and stay true to your crafting endeavors!

Spinning Week Round Up!

I have been so motivated to spin and have managed to finish up two more bobbins, both have been chained plied and the yardage just about what I was aiming for.
July 5th I started spinning my NBK Superwash BFL and finished it up yesterday.  This morning I was able to chain ply it  and ended up with 100 yards of worsted weight yarn.  I absolutely love how it turned out! It’s super soft and I think my finished skein will be perfect for mitts.

Friday I started spinning the Schacht 50th Anniversary Color Barry’s Jubilee hand dyed by Sweet Georgia.  This braid was a 85% Polworth 15% Tussah Silk blend that I found slightly challenging to spin, which I think as the silk.  I ended up with 60 yards of light bulky weight chain plied yarn with a lovely marled look.

So over all this week I have spun 243 yards of handspun 😀
Until next time, be creative!

Swooning over bulky spinning!

I think I’m in love with spinning bulky weight yarn!  I just finished chain plying my natural Falkland and truly love the way it turned out.

I haven’t spun too much bulky weight and find it a bit challenging, especially for consistency.  Like anything, it will take practice and a lot of patience for me to achieve what I would call a perfect skein ( hmmmm.... is there such a thing? ) but I’m loving the process.  Besides, I didn’t buy my jumbo flyer to sit and collect dust on my Kiwi and it’s high time I start learning something new.

I purchased the the Ashford sliding hook jumbo flyer kit a few years ago to use for my original Kiwi but only used it a couple of times.  If you have a Kiwi, this kit is well worth buying. 

I am now considering the Ashford Super Flyer kit and here’s why....

From the Woolery:

Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer Kit

Art yarn enthusiasts take note! The Kiwi Super Flyer has a huge 1" (27mm) orifice and has awesome new free-flow yarn guides on a sliding hook flyer. The Kiwi Super Flyer comes as a kit and is super easy to install on any Kiwi. The kit includes everything from the maiden bar up, so you only need to undo one bolt when you want to swap.  (Note – in the video Kate says 25mm (1in), this is incorrect, it should have been 27mm (1in).
The kit includes:
  • 3 super-size bobbins which have a 1.1 lb. (500gm) capacity, so less time changing bobbins and more yarn on the bobbin.
  • Lazy Kate 
  • New drive belt
The Kiwi Super Flyer will fit all Kiwi 3, 2 and Kiwi spinning wheels..

I ended up with 30 yards of bulky weight yarn that I plan to pair with my recently finished bulky skein and make a striped hat.  I have plans to raid my stash and continue this fun adventure of spinning bulky and I have a feeling it may evolve into art yarn at some point in time.

Until next time, be creative!

Friday Finished Object

As mentioned yesterday I finished spinning my Falkland wool and ended up with 53 yards of bulky weight.  I love how this turned out !

I am still working on spinning bulky weight but I can honestly say I am in love this process, it’s quick !  I found a bump of undyed Falkland in my stash that I purchased several mango from Wound Up Fiber Arts and have started spinning it up for bulky weight too.

Until next time, be creative!

Thursday Catch Up!

Life use to be simple.  Long before the internet, long before social media, people carried on their day to day lives by doing what they loved, which often was the simple task of taking care of their family, their home and taking time to enjoy the simplicity of life itself.  Families took trips to see the country, and even the world, neighbors gathered on front porches to visit, friends gathered to knit or quilt and each Sunday, picnics sprung up after church.  These are my memories and I have almost lost what I have cherished most.

Over the last few weeks, and maybe even longer than that, what once was enjoyable has become stressful and quite disheartening.  I believe most of you who visit my blog know of what I am referring too.  Today I am choosing a path of returning to simplicity.  I have decided while I enjoy many aspects of social media, I will be slowing down and will be sharing more of my life adventures on my blog.  I want to take all that time spent on social media (often hours of wasted time) and use it for what I love the most, spinning, knitting and art (you can find my post on my art adventures on my second blog, My Wondering Spirit).

So, with that being said,  what have I been up to ?  I have been spinning and I am truly loving every minute of it.  Two days ago I start spinning a lovely hand dyed Falkland by my friend Sherrill of the 1764 Shepherdess in the color "Because of the Acorn".

I divided this braid into four equal parts and by color.  This was a bulky weight spin project and I alternated the colors by light and dark.  

I have chain plied my yarn this morning and have ended up with 53 squishy soft yards of bulky weight.  I love the results of my finished spinning project and hope to find the right pattern for it.  

I am also working on my NBK 100% BFL, which is spinning up quite lovely.  This is destined to be fingering to heavy fingering weight when I'm done.  I am hoping to have enough yardage for a scarf.

Until next time, take time to be creative and enjoy the simple things in life!

And I learned what is obvious to a child. That life is simply a collection of little lives, each lived one day at a time. That each day should be spent finding beauty in flowers and poetry and talking to animals. That a day spent with dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered. But most of all, I learned that life is about sitting on benches next to ancient creeks with my hand on her knee and sometimes, on good days, for falling in love.” ― Nicholas Sparks

Stitching Time

I have been spinning for over 10 years, knitting for over 25 years and crocheting for over 40 years.  I love the fiber arts tremendously but I also enjoy drawing, sewing, cross stitch and embroidery and I am finding myself wanting to return to many of my first loves as I am rather burned out with the fiber arts right now. 

Over the last few years I have been “full steam ahead” with knitting and spinning, making me feel guilty if I wanted to do something else.  Yes, it sounds pretty silly to say that but that is how I have been feeling.  I think though with the recent chain of events in the fiber community, I need a break and I need to do something new.  This is quite evident with all the things I have been started but have no desire to finish and have hence frogged.  I have simply lost interest.  So, I am putting knitting down for a spell and plan to pick up stitching.   I will still share my knitting and spinning projects, but will also be sharing more things that I love too create too.

This last month I have seen so many stitchers share a beautiful design by The Blue Flower called the Quilting Bee. I have ordered the chart and thread, and can’t wait to to start!

Photo courtesy of The Blue Flower
I also plan to make a few more linen tops in the fabric I shared in an earlier post. Once I finish my tops, I plan to tackle a few pants and maybe even shorts.  I am enjoying sewing tremendously and love the fact I can make my own clothes, it’s a very satisfying feeling. 

Do you ever find that you need a change of pace in your crafting life?

Until  next time, be creative!

A finished skein and Prepping

Have you ever spun fiber that you wish you had purchased more of because it’s the most wonderful thing n the world spin?  That just happened to me, but honestly at the time of purchase it was the non braid available from one of my favorite dyers. Last month I started spinning a scrumptious blend of merino, yak and silk that has turned into the most beautiful skein of handspun.

This ....

Turned into this...

I end up with 100.72 yards of chain plied sport weight yarn that is squishy soft and I can’t wait to to knit with it!  My goal was 200 yards, which I am way off, but nevertheless it will be perfect to use alone or mixed with my finished skein  of Cheviot in Owls. I don’t have a particular pattern in mind quite yet, but if I choose to use this as a single skein project, I will make a pair Brazeau Mitts , which was designed with handspun in mind.

Wednesday, I started prepping a lovely dyed braid of NBK n 100% BFL I purchased from a fellow spinner.  I love the colors, which really remind me of Halloween.

I have separated the four colors in this braid to spin as individual stand alone colors.  I predrafted and now have basket of “fiber fluff” ready to spin!  I have know idea how this will turn out, but I am excited about seeing the final product.  

I have started Spinning and just finished the purple.  This color is such an inky blue purple, I love it!  The next color will be the one on the right pictured above, which is a light purplish brown.   

Until next time, be creative!

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th oh July from my family to yours!

An Experiment That Worked!

So on Saturday’s blog post I shared that I was spinning a sampler set in the Signature Blend from Abundant Earth Fiber. The set is 50 grams but I only spun seven out of the 10 colors, which was about 35 grams, or about 1.25 ounces.  My intention was simply to try out my Ashford Traveller but as I began spinning I decided it would be fun to create a striped yarn.

I decided to chain ply and ended up with 65 yards of sport weight.  While chain plying,  I learned that if I did a short chain at the end of each color, I wouldn’t create too much barber poling.  

I truly love how this turned out and hope to use this skein with the other finished skeins I already have in my stash to create something fun!

Until next time, be creative!