Happiness is.... a finished skein of handspun!

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I finished plying my scrumptious Oink Pigments Fluffy Silk.  I ended up with 108 yards of worsted weight yarn, chain plied, and while my chain plying is far from perfect I am noticing improvement each time I try it. 

This year I will be keeping track of my spinning in journal that I have put together in a three-ring binder.  I purchased the downloadable Fiber Spinning Journal Pages from Kimberly Ouimet.  I have a sample of fiber, a sample from my single and below is a sample of my finished handspun.  

I am very excited about spinning this year and keep track not only in my journal, but on Ravelry too.  Since I am participating in the #spin15aday challenge on Instagram, I am also keeping track of the time I spend spinning.  I did not start keeping Tong this finished skein, but started with my Cheviot that I will be plying next.

Do you keep track of your spinning?

Do you make sample cards before, during and after?

Until next time - Happy Spinning!