On My Wheel: Still Working on Oink Pigments

Recently I made a work change and I am finding that I haven’t quite been as diligent in making my blog posts as I should but promise to get back on track very soon.

Meantime, I am still spinning my Oink Pigments and really love how it’s spinning up.  I’m still trying to decide if I want to chain ply or 2-ply when finished and most likely won’t decide until I’m done.  I am trying to spin at t least 15 minutes a day and find that I am able to do a little spinning on my breaks (I work at home) too.  Hopefully I can finish up this week, fingers crossed.

I truly love the colors in this fiber !

I am way behind my breed study spinning (shown n the left) and I’m anxious to start spinning my newly acquired fiber from Quillin Fiber Arts.  The fiber I purchased from Dedri is gorgeous and my fingers are itching to start!

At times there’s just not enough time in the day !

Until next time - be creative!

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