Drawing Time ... Once Again, It's for the Birds!

I am so in love with drawing again. It's soothing to my soul and hours can truly go bye without me even realizing it.  I am also finding that my knitting and spinning has been suffering greatly due to my rekindled love, but that's ok as there is time in the day to still give those crafts the attention they deserve.

I finished up October with a little Robin Red Breast that I started in ink and finished with water color pencils.  I'm still learning to use a light touch with water color, which is hard for me to manage but I'm getting there.

I've started November with another Cardinal and decided to leave it as black and white.  I started my drawing with the thoughts of a floral piece but couldn't resist adding a Cardinal to finish it off.  I love how it turned out!

Until next time ~ be creative!

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