Upcoming Sock KAL !

I love cables!  From socks to sweaters, cable work is so beautiful and always makes projects very interesting to know.

Luise O'Neill  is one of my favorite designers who specializes in cable work with a Celtic theme.  This year she has designed a gorgeous cabled sock pattern for the upcoming Spring Sock Hop called Celtic Kilraine.  This toe up sock features two distinctive cable designs that create a gorgeous finished sock.

Needless to say, I could not resist joining this KAL and have purchased the kit and decided on Rapunzel as the color for my socks (color in below photo).

The Particulars:

This pattern is only available as part of the IK KAL Spring Sock Hop Special Kit available through the Faerieknitz on Etsy shop. The kit (pattern, yarn and a little special treat) is available in 3 different colour choices: Rapunzel (purple), Morgaine (red) or Bluebird (blue).
There will be a Sock Hop KAL featuring this pattern in the Impeccable Knitters Gathering Place group, so come and join in!
From the designer's page:
Celtic cable toe-up socks that feature two distinct yet harmonized Celtic cables. These socks begin with a wide toe. After the toe shaping, the first Celtic cable is worked on the instep; it splits at the gusset and ends as it is worked into the heel flap.
The gusset shaping is worked at the centre of the instep which allows the instep cables to move along the side of the foot. The leg’s Celtic closed-ring cable grows from the gusset shaping and is flanked by tiny rope cables which meet at the side of the sock to form tiny staghorn cables.  
The heel is turned using short rows so no picking up stitches! and the heel flap is worked in a standard slip-stitch pattern.

© Luise O'Neill

Isn't this design gorgeous!!!  I really look forward to making these socks and can't wait to cast on.
Until next time ~ be creative!

#Spin15aday Challenge and Breed Study

Ok spinners, do you spin at least 15 minutes a day?  
If not, how often do you spin each day ?  

Starting in April, Sherrill of The 1764 Shepherdess is challenging us on Instagram ,and on Ravelry , to a breed study.  This is two fold, one to spin at least 15 minutes a day, which honestly helps to keep your spinning consistent, and to learn about new breeds of wool.   

For those of you who know Sherrill, she is very passionate about wool and learning about  the different breeds. Because of her enthusiasm, I have learned so much about different breeds, their characteristics and how each sheep breed offers something unique when it comes to a finished spun product.  

So needless to say I'm very excited to join in the fun and look forward to spinning Gotland in April, Polwarth in May and Whiteface Woodland in June.  I've not heard of Whiteface Woodland, so I'm especially curious about this wool and see how it spins up.

About Gotland:  The Gotland, also called the Gotland Pelt, is a breed of domestic sheep named for the Swedish island of Gotland

About Polwarth:  Polwarth is a breed of sheep that was developed in Victoria during 1880. They were of one-quarter Lincoln and three-quarters Merino bloodlines.

About Whiteface Woodland:  The Whitefaced Woodland is a sheep breed from the Woodlands of Hope an area in the South Pennines in England.

If you want to join in the fun, please visit Sherrill's Ravelry Group at #spin15aday or join in the fun on Instagram by following Sherrill at  @the1764shepherdess .  Sherrill is selling breed packs for the spring study and still has a few left in her online shop.

I hope you will join in the fun!

Until next time ~ knit on, spin on and create!

Catching Up !!

It has been a crazy busy week and I just noticed that it's been a few days since my last post.  Sorry everyone!   Lots of knitting going on in the house right now and I seem to be on a sweater kick. So much so, that I've got two on the needles and three in my queue.  I also have socks on the needles, but I'm thinking about frogging on pair simply because I'm not enjoying the yarn, and I have a shawl on the needles.  So many projects and just not enough time !!!

Currently on my needles ....

I'm feverishly working on my Top Down Comfy cardigan so I can at least wear it once here in Phoenix before I have to pack it up for the summer temperatures.  My hubby was so sweet to tell me he would take me on a road trip to Flagstaff just so I could wear it in the cooler weather.  He's such a keeper.

The sleeves have been separated and I'm now working on the body.  I really LOVE it and think this will be a favorite cozy cardi in the near future.  
When I'm not working on my cardigan I'm working on my Double Trouble socks, which is my own creation.  I have completed a total of 4 repeats and just started the heel, which I'm experimenting with a k2,p2 rib for the heel flap.

Still on my Needles ....

  • Close to You in my handspun
  • Leaflet - my second cardigan the needs to be finished.

I still have My Cup of Tea on the needles too, but I'm really thinking about frogging this project simply because I'm not enjoying the yarn. 
I recently found a lovely DK weight shawl design by Lucy Hague called Inganess that I have fallen in love with and thought that a local wool would be lovely to knit this up in.

Until next time ~ knit on and be creative!

Ahhh.... The Magic of Knitting

I've been thinking about what knitting means to me and why I'm so drawn to it.

Simply put, knitting is pure magic!  

It gives us confidence to create, gives us inspiration to strive to be the best and it allows us to dream of what might be.  

Every day I'm totally amazed of the women I come across, face to face and online.  We each come from different paths in life, but knitting gives us all the same journey, the journey to take a fluff of fiber and transform it magically into a beautiful creative design, a design that only we can imagine, a design that comes from our very soul.  I'm in awe that we are kindred spirits, all with the same passion and desire.   

No matter where we all come from, we all have one thing in common, a burning passion to create and to be creative.  We unite like no other force on earth, that has been proven through many online venues such as RavelryFaceBookInstagramTwitter and through the power of blogging.  

We see each other from afar, knitting peacefully away and when we look up to share a smile, it's a smile that we can only understand.   We are peaceful and tranquil in nature, and with the whirl of the spinning wheel and the clacking of needles we insure ourselves to remain this way.

We are sisterhood of women that have banded together to recreate a tradition of old, the tradition of knitting.

In the words of Anne Bartlett .....

“And in the act of making things, just by living their daily lives, they also make history.” 
― Anne BartlettKnitting

Until next time ~ be creative and knit on!


Currently On My Needles ....

Right now I'm on a knitting frenzy and trying not to cast on everything in sight, especially all the cardigans I've been seeing on Ravelry.  Self-control has never been on of my virtues, but I'm really trying, honestly I am, not to go cast on happy.

Currently on my needles:

I'm currently working on a top down cardigan that incorporates Asheville, a pattern by The Noble Thread.  I love the pattern (it's well written and super easy to follow) and plan to knit it "as is" in the future but for now I'm trying to use up several sweaters worth of yarn from my stash and that means slight modifications to the existing pattern.

Courtesy of Lion Brand

For this project I'm using Lionbrand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the color Abalone, a US size 11 needle and a US size 13 needle.  

Still on my needles:

  • My Cup of Tea Socks
  • Double Trouble Socks (my own creation) 
  • Close to You in my handspun
  • Leaflet - this will be worked on before starting any new cardigan projects

Soon to be on my needles:

This past weekend I planned out my next cardigan project (after I finish the current two I have on my needles), which will be the Boho Style Mosaic Cardigan by Irene Lin and I will be using Classic Elite Legend in Mushroom, Deep Plum, Khaki Green and Midnight Blue.

Courtesy of Irene Lin

I have purchased the pattern and I'm really impressed with the quality of the design and the in-depth detail.  This pattern is very well written and includes a wonderful chart and schematics.  I'm rather excited about this project and really can't wait to cast it on !
There's just so many wonderful projects but just not enough time to cast them all on!!!  What are you currently working on ?

Until next time - be as creative as you can!


One's Knitting Stash

“I will always buy extra yarn. I will not try to tempt fate.” ― Stephanie Pearl-McPheeAt Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

I burst out into laughter last night when my husband told me it looked like I had quite a bit of yarn ~ quite a bit, I think not because there is simply never not enough yarn in ones stash, would you not agree?

Stashing yarn is like nesting to a bird.  The more soft, warm, luxurious yarns in a variety of fibers and colors you can stash, the better your "nest" will be.   You must be surrounded by fibers of all types and colors to inspire your inner knitter ~ that part of you that yearns to be set free to design all those ideas into something out of this world created by you and the fiber that surrounds you.  

I feel guilty at the thought of buying more to add to my already full stash, but there are so many new yarns to inspire you, so many new colors to tempt you, and besides, when you go to your local yarn store, do you ever leave empty handed?

Let's face it, you need always need to keep sock yarn on hand for those in between projects, wool yarns for warm hats and scarves for charity work,  friends and family, and cotton yarns (and blends) for when summer is suddenly here, not to mention all the odds and ends that you simply can't part with that might be put to good use one day.

So when my hubby tells me ever so sweetly that I appear to have enough yarn, I in turn tell him in my most favorite movie quote " I think not baby puppy!" (Cats and Dogs, 2001).

Until next time ~ be creative and knit on!